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Job Interview - 2017

On my second interview with a company, I told the founder/CEO: I'll hire you one day. 

He hired me.

NYC - 2015

My first experience in New York City, I was homeless for 2 weeks. My dad had offered me house, car, company and anything I need the day before I left. 

This was a pivotal point in my life.

Construction - 2014

My father asked me to pay the contractors for his construction project, I didn't. I designed it. He got upset first. Then happy. Then very happy. Finally he moved to the top apartment of the building.

Generator - 2007

I was 17, I designed a generator in my high school's lab. One magnet at high rotation speed breaks off of the bracket and goes through the wall right next to a student. School shut the project down.

Koenigsegg - 2017

I met with Koenigsegg's team at NY Auto Show 2016 and told them I can make their car (fastest car in the world) go faster. They dared me to try. So I did, 11% more downforce after 235 mph speed.

BMW Concept - 2009

I designed a BMW concept. The realistic rendering got viral. BMW's fan page on fb announced that this wasn't a spy photo. 

My dad called: There's a BMW concept emailed to me, designer's name is just like you.

Blue Heart Hero - 2017

I designed the concept when I was a labor at a construction company, on top of scaffolding, wrote the idea on a piece of sheetrock. 

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