Amin is an entrepreneur who migrated from Iran in 2015, found his way from homeless in NYC to lead product designer at Parabit, designing products for major banks and airports in the US and starting 3 startups helping people with upper limb difference and changing the face of glamping business.

He is a mechanical engineer with passion for product design & development, business, marketing, entrepreneurship and leadership. He started Human Friendly Design™ movement where his startup CIRVD™ designs and manufactures product that fit all bodies, abled or partially disabled, introducing a new level of inclusivity and accessibility. Amin is also the starter of Prosthetics for Products™ vision, where he finds the problem in products rather than in people with "limitations", Amin sees the problem in products and is solving amputees' everyday problems with free open-source 3D printable solutions.

Amin uses the most updated tech in product design such as 3D printing, VR, AR and Generative Design. He is currently 3D printing face shields and donating free of charge to hospitals in NYC, Utah and Michigan. 


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While working at Parabit Systems as the product design engineer, I have designed and developed prototypes for clients below and more. Products such as security camera enclosures, airport welcome center, charging stations, charging tables, visitor management kiosks, etc.

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